Thursday and Friday, 28 and 29 July, 1830

Today B.S. Manifee came to this place. He professes to be a physician and came for the purpose of practicing medicine in this place and vicinity. He is a man very fond of spirits and gambling, has teh self-importance characteristic of the state from whence he came, understands how to boast of his qualifications and to praise horses. Stooping to many degrading vices and practices degrading to the reputation of any man. He is a man of such habits as not to be desired in a neighborhood or family because all his examles will exert a deleterious influence on the morals of the youth. But those who solicited him to come here in opposition to me and for the express purpose of doing me an injury have no regard to morals, if it be not calculated to advance their pecuniary emolument. They have been endeavoring for some time to get a physician to board with them because they fear I may get along without being dependent on them. Mr. Wm. A. Lash came to me today in a guilty hypocritical tone and manner inquired whether Manifee has said anything to me on the subject, pretending as thought he had never solicited him to come. I despise him the more for using such duplicity. He is as I have always believed, a snake in the grass. A man of no principle.