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Friday, 30 July, 1830

(According to consecutive days, this day should be Saturday.)

Such is the conduct of a man pretends to be my best friend. Such is the conduct of every hypocrite. They wish to injure you all they can, but they wish you to be a friend and slave to them. They wish to draw from you and if they cannot do it directly, they will attempt to do it indirectly. This is not the first time these relations of mine have attempted to act in the same way, not many months ago. I have been informed today, they had a man there for the same purpose, but he considered the site not very eligible, declined the inviation. Now whenever you find such a man I would caution to never give your hands to him to bind. You may deal with him, but never without a good witness and never leave anything to his honor. Make your contracts firm, so that no equivocation can take place.