Tuesday, 3 August, 1830

Today I have visited one of those individuals who have followed inebriation for half a century and before today I have heard him really boast that it always done him good. But now he sees death with all its horrors staring him in the face. He seems now to be ready to acknowledge his error. He now sees he has nothing around him that he can call his own. Not one comfort for the want of nature. He now sees his family will be cast on the charity of the world without a shelter or a place wherein to lay their heads. All these reflections now torment him and aggravate the last moments of existence. Deplorable and wretched must be the sensations of such a man stung with remorse the most severe of his past degraded life, and his mind filled with worse dread of the future. His looks, his groans, his poor shelter, his bed of straw, all declare his wretched situation. Remember that temperance and honest industry should be used by every man in society.