Saturday and Sunday, 7 and 8 August, 1830

I have for the first time been called to visit John W. Randleman. Having heard an anecdote related of him, I probably was a little more inquisitive than I should have been. While he was yet a lad his father, it appears from some cause, had an exalted idea of his superiority of intellect and had strong notions of sending him to Europe to school.Mentioning it to one of his friends, probably asking his advice as to the propriety of such a course, his friend merely made this significant reply, "My good sir, you may send a goose to Europe and when she comes back she will be a goose still." This I believe broke at once the father's notion and opened his eyes. He is a good man, very religious. Pretends to a great Biblical knowledge, makes a good living, but is blessed with a small portion of intellect. You will see from this it is not proper to be praising your own powers or proficiency in any particular, for if you possess a superiority, the sagacity of the community will soon find it out when you use it in its proper place.