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Tuesday, 10 August, 1830

Today, as many preceding have been, is very warm. I have visited John F. Hunter's family. I here have found some worthy of imitation, in all this family. His mother, a widow lady, is living but a small distance from his house with her son and two daughters. They are people ranked among the poor, but this is nothing to detract from their respectability. THey are all industrious and honest, kind and hospitable. Everything is neat and clean about the house.Everything has the appearance of comfort and satisfaction. They all appear to tkae an interest in each other's welfare and do think I have never seen a mother mroe beloved and respected than this one is by her two daughters living with her, Rachel and Patsy. It does me good to witness filial tenderness extended to an aged parent. They must be happy in so strictly discharging their duty. If therebe an earthly duty incumbent on children, it is in alleviating of the wants of those who protected and supported them in the dawn of existence.