Have been led to make an observation on the effect that is produced on the mind of the young by the first notion of love or attachment to a particular female.Theopholis C. Hauser, brother of my wife, came here this morning and nothing would do but he must go and view a piece of land a short distance from town. He wants to get a home. He has become, from all the symptoms, strongly attached to a female in his eyes lovely and beautiful, elegant and fascinating, not inferior in any respect to the angels. Nothing is now in wanting to complete his felicity but a home and the legal ceremony. His imagination can see nothing but golden days. Clear, beautiful, and placid are all the days and years that are to follow. Years of prosperity brighten every moment. Domestic felicity is sure to attend after the completion of this, his only thought by day and night. He does not appear to imagine that anything divine or earthly could possibly mar the happiness there is held in store for him. His intended is all perfection, all  kindness, complete in every particular. Her disposition so pure and serene that no storm can ruffle it. Finally, imagination cannot conceive of a human form of both mind and body more finished or better calculated to make a man happy. I look on him in silence, and said to myself, Youth, you are mistaken. Pause and reflect and re-reflect. The path you are about to enter is fraught with many dangers and very subject to tempests, violent and painful.