Monday, 30 August, 1830

An individual with whom I became acquainted shortly after I came to this place, was full of eulogy and praise to my face. At all times full of confidence, deprecating the lowness of those who were guilty of tattling and absent slander, etc. Observing circumstances likely to occur that would require my assistance and a concealment of these circumstances, reports began at last to circulate derogatory to this my pretended friend. Long and better complaints increased. I heard this individual as often declare innocence, and say if all were true is any of their business. To which I said, No, as it really was not, but you know that some people pay more attention to that which does not concern them, than to that which does, and are you sure you would not do the same was the case changed from you to them?

No! I scorn the idea of such baseness. My mind is not contaminated with such corruptions. I love peace and good will, and will always endeavor to reconcile any differences among my friends and neighbors that may occur. I could never forgive myself were I ever to molest that peace and happiness which should exist among relations and neighbors.

I can coincide in these sentiments and we parted. I felt disposed to doubt the reality of such benevolent feeling warming the mind that had just uttered them. Observing for a short time, I detected the deception of this individual to my satisfaction and found that there was no goodness in the mind. All corruption.