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Wednesday, 2 September, 1830

Now this same individual, at this time, was using every exertion to create a prejudice against me, at the same time to my face was pretending to be my best friend.  I thought one day I would give a small hint and as I was dressing the hand for the last time, as it was almost well, I said, I hope you in future will place more confidence in my advice and believe what I say.

Oh, I did always believe you and that you had done all that could have been done. I hope you have not ever imagined that I could for one moment doubled your knowledge of the effection. To which I replied, I should have been pleased had not occurrences and information forced on me views of your friendship, quite at variance with your profession. 

We from this time meet as acquaintances, but not as intimate friends. It made a deep impression on the mind acting under duplicity and from that moment nothing has been too good for me. At the time I was married joy, peace, and comfort constantly dwelt on the voice apparently pleased and overjoyed that I calculated to settle in this place, etc. I could but thank them for so much goodness, but could not believe caution is the parent of safety. Reality is better than fiction.