From these few observations you will see that in your intimacy with people, circumspection, strict and reserved circumspection, is requisite. I would caution you to be very particular in this respect and receive none as a bosom friend until long acquaintance under a great variety of circumstances and situations had proved the reality of profession. Self-interest makes sycophants and not friends. Many will cling to you most tenaciously as long as you administer liberally to their wants, but the moment this is refused, however just, you will be abandoned and traduced, and if they have the power they will sink you to ruin. The effect is not confined to your own home or neighborhood, but strangers have listened to your degradation. Your real friends are injured and is your name mentioned in good report, soon it is blasted by such pretended friends. I hope you will pay attention to the few hints here stated. By so doing you may avoid many unpleasant occurrences and prejudicial associations. I have rode much today and feel weary and disposed to retire to the pillow.