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Saturday, 12 September, 1830

Well, doctor, I have but a few more days to live. Oh! I must die. Where are my children? G. Honey, I am about to leave you. Take good care of my children. Doctor, I am dying. See! I can scarcely get my breath. Call them all in. I must go, Doctor, why do you not help me? Have you given me up? Oh, Lord, I must die! Well, the Lord's will be done. Oh, Doctor, do give me something, I don't want to die yet. i should like to live for my children all of whom were screaming in every direction. I said not one word. At last one of them came to me. Well, Doctor, do you think she will live long? Yes, all you see is mere pretense. There is no reality about it and she can get up and go to work.