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Sunday, 3 August, 1828

I stayed i my room this morning and commune with my Creator and review the past week and find nothing to mar my peace of mind, having discharged by duty to all, as far as I know. And feel grateful to the Dispenser of all good for the assistance he has given me in fulfilling these obligations. I rode the greater part of the day; during the time of reading I reflect on the certainty of death and how dependent we are on God for all the numerous blessings we receive. These things should fill us with grateful feelings to our Heavenly benefactor. This evening I was inclined to spend the evening with Mr. A. Conrad, not only because I was a friend of his, but because of Miss H. I passed the time very agreeably and for the first time a private interview with the object of my respect. Indeed, I am not seen but I am too soon engaging in this kind of intimacy, and probably had better defer it until they may become more acquainted with me, as the foul tongue of rumor too often assails the stranger, and this may be an injury to her, and this I do not wish should befall her on my account.