Wednesday, 6 August, 1828

Had one new patient and visited several others near town and spent the day in reading. In this employment I find the greatest satisfaction. I do not mingle in the nightly collections of the young people of the place. I love to be alone and reflect undisturbed by any. I can find no satisfaction in the company of the many. Having been quite inactive for the day, I felt an inclination to enjoy the pleasure of a walk. Accordingly, I obtained the consent of Miss H., accompanied by two or three others, to participate in the gratification. I found in this perambulation much that was agreeable to my own feelings. Here I imagined I could discover a feeling in H.'s mind that responded to my own. We returned in slow pace to our several places of abode. I viewed the time well spent, if no unfavorable occurrences should lie concealed beyond present appearances.