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Thursday, 21 August, 1828

The day has fled and from the quantity of business on hand appeared quite too short. I required the greater part of the night to accomplish all I had engaged. As I have often visited Mr. Wm. Blackburn's family in consequence of a chronic disease of Mrs. Blackburn, I cannot avoid mentioning this man. He is indeed one of those kind of men that know not how to set themselves at work and thinks he cannot do anything without help. He has a good trade, but what avails the means if a man has no application or disposition to apply it to useful purposes. None. Here is an individual lazy to use the power he has; with moderate exercise in his business, he could make a respectable living, and he himself feel happy in so doing. He is always putting off till tomorrow work that should be done today, even if he has promised to have it ready for his employer. Now this will never do. Act up to your engagement, be punctual in all your dealings and be employed in your occupation.