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Tuesday, 26 August, 1828

Morning beautiful, clear, and moderately cool. I have been intensely occupied during the day and could not attend to all the summonses received. So those that I could not visit by daylight, I used the night for the same purpose and returned to lodging just at break of day. I have thought much of yesterday's transaction, endeavoring to divine what the result would probably be to me. I am well aware of the reputation of my counsellor, but at the same time it is not founded on superiority of Medical skill, but on that trait of character which in any other would be censured, and create a reverse feeling. Shall I venture to intimate such a thing? No! Because the people here are so absorbed in his greatness that proof positive could not convince. So I leave them to enjoy their own high estimation of him, and he is welcome to the applause they confer. But I hope you will be prepared before you undertake any kind of business to understand it well and then have those little instruments that may be required in every department of your profession. Had this been my situation all that could have been done would have been accomplished before counsel could have been obtained, and then all he could have said, he has done all that could be done, and his treatment is correct. Indeed, he said all was right, except the instrument should have been used and this I knew before.