I have rode all day and all night and feel somewhat weary. I started this morning and felt confident that I should be home again by evening and have another night of rest. But how easily we can be disappointed in our expectations. I did arrive home just at dark and there stood a slave waiting for me. So I did not leave my saddle. Mr. Jacob Conrad went with me from his house, as it was one of his slaves that was sick. Now we rode at least twelve miles together and that very dark, so we rode slow and had ample time to converse. I studied the old gentleman well and found my first ideas of him much strengthened. I could discover also hints that went much further than the mere words indicated in common conversation. His immense wealth was depicted in its best colors, his possessions in the far west were not even forgotten; however, I was well pleased with the old gentleman and had a very pleasant ride. I visited also my lady of whom I have often spoken and find the lamp begins to burn, as its fountain was almost exhausted. I shall never see her again and have not yet got the recipe she promised. Poor woman will not think she will soon die. Daylight is approaching and I leave for a little sleep.