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Saturday, 30 August, 1828

Have had a day of leisure. I visited the Rev. I.C. Jacobson for the purpose of becoming more intimately acquainted with him and his family. I am indeed pleased with him. He is not so superstitious as many Ministers are, or as I expected to find him, from my limited knowledge of the Society. He is frank and candid in his conversation, energetic in his way of expressions, views things philosophically, and is agreeable. He is an admirer of wealth because it affords the means for enjoyment and not merely for the name. His wife is a very amiable lady, agreeable in manners and person, sociable and intelligent, and both are better qualified than to be the guardians of such a church as is in this place. I spent the evening at Mr. A. Conrad's and indulged an inclination which I find difficult to avoid. I am fearful it is premature and will not be of duration. Yet, I have seen nothing to induce this idea.