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Sunday, 31 August, 1828

Again I have been spared to see the return of another Sabbath and again feel it my duty to return my acknowledgements of gratitude to my Heavenly Father for all the blessing of the past week, but also for all that I have enjoyed during existence. I feel a serene conscience approving of my course of life for the week as I have endeavored to faithfully discharge my duty. I have observed here, more than any other place, a total disregard for every holy on this day except attending to the practice of going to hear the preacher and this the most rigidly attended to. Do people imagine that in this they fulfill all the duties enjoined on them as Christians and as followers of Jesus Christ? When a man is regenerated and tasted the new birth, he is full of love to God and all his works and delights in following them. But here nothing further deemed necessary. The regular attendance of church and feast days.