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Monday, 1 September, 1828

Business calls from every side; I have no time for any other reflection. Rode all night and returned at sunrise. This the first time I have felt exhausted and now I have that sensation. I was summoned to visit Mrs. Conrad at Vienna, wife of Isaac Conrad. This is the first time I have seen that man and as he is a Conrad, a family of people all rich and having in this respect some peculiarities. This one I should judge to be unhealthy, very economical, but not parsimonious in relation to his own comfort. Taking advantage of every opportunity to increase his wealth and in his dealings sometimes forgetful of the interest of his customers, but never of his own. But ready to oblige in distress, and where pecuniary difficulties assail his neighbors, he is ready to give the means, but will secure the principle and double the interest. This is the secret in my opinion of the superior wealth of this family and this is the secret of wealth. Industry, economy, and a disregard to the strict requirements of justice, yet acting in such a way as to avoid gross violation. Take the advantage, and at the same time appear as though you was giving assistance.