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Tuesday, 2 September, 1828

I have this day visited a very singular family. There is not one of a large family of children that is fond of labor but all endeavor to live without exertion. Fond of show and amusement lively and all loquacious, full of anecdotes and jokes and of every description and in these both sexes indulge. Now how these people get along and go as well dressed as they do is as much a secret to me as the accumulation of wealth. Now my opinion is that all that is made on the plantation by two squalid old slaves is applied to decorate the body of the females and in the absence of company the table I have no doubt is stinted and of the cheapest kind. The male portion use every endeavor to cheat in every way they  can devise, and to get some business from the other people, that requires riding about, all they can get in this way is laid out in dress. Now these people are not and cannot be respected. They have no reputation for anything good and any responsibility resting on them may be set aside. You should never trust such people, nor indulge in their company and above all things never depend on their friendship.