Saturday, 6 September, 1828

I have observed this morning occurrences still convincing me of the correctness of my first impressions of Mr. Wm. A. Lash. In case of sickness, a poor man's property was subject to the will of a creditor; and just to be sold by the officer. He came to Mr. L. to get assistance, and Mr. L. was all sorrow and readiness to lend him the money to redeem his executed property, if he would pay him twenty-five percent. The man, after remonstrating on the hardness of the terms, and was told it could not be done for less, consented; and Lash paid him twelve dollars and received his note for sixteen, with interest one day after date. Here is a true specimen of the justness of Mr. L.'s internal feelings, while his external pretensions are unexceptionable. Avoid this deceptious conduct.