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Sunday, 7 September, 1828

I have been constantly employed today and have scarcely time to reflect. Riding slowly toward my home, I listen to low rumbling sound of distant thunder and could see the illumination of the flashes of lightning. All around was still and silent. It was such a moment as the mind sometimes delights in. Not a leaf seemed to be disturbed by any breeze. All seemed shrouded in deep contemplation. My horse was permitted to move agreeable to his inclination, while the bridle hung careless on the neck. My soul was overwhelmed with admiration of the greatness and goodness of God. When I would raise my eyes to heaven and see the dark, slow-moving pillows of clouds lifting their heads one above another in such sublime grandeur that I could not withhold the exclamation, Heavenly Father, it is your omnipotent power that holds the immovable worlds above, suspended and all moving in regular order and harmony. Your rising clouds are directed by the same wisdom, though the tempest and storm may seem so furious and rage in all its violence. Yet all are under the parental care of thy omniscient protection, even the minutest thing does not escape thy love, nor thou its praise. I give myself up into thy hands and as you may direct, I feel a perfect willingness to submit.