Friday, 26 September, 1828

I find myself much better this morning, but weak and feeble from the operation of Medicine and constant fasting, as I have not eaten one morsel since I was taken ill, and this is my invariable practice, and one of the most necessary requisites in all acute diseases. I went into the house this morning and set the table, drank some tea, and took a few mouthfuls of toast bread and felt considerably revived. In the afternoon, visited a few patients and returned to my room. I reflected on a home of my own and endeavored to look into the probable situation of my future practice in order to see if a reasonable calculation would correspond with my mind on the subject, but the conclusion was unfavorable. I yet feared the permanency of my income and concluded to defer a conclusion some longer; though my feelings strongly solicited, but I did once let will govern desire, a thing in which I have quite too often neglected in the course of my past life.