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Saturday, 18 October, 1828

I have rode but twelve miles today and have used the remainder in company with Mr. I.E. Jacobson. This is a very agreeable family. It is a pleasure to be there and see and hear the accent, respect they indulge toward each other. Indeed there is no man in this place in whose company I delight so much as his, and his wife is one of those women that adds a luster to any circle. Indeed, I do not go to this place as frequently as I could wish, for fear of intruding on such pure domestic happiness as there is here to be found. After leaving this scene of pleasure, so pure, I almost determine to procure one for myself where the hours of leisure could pass smoothly by under my own roof. If anything has an inducement to join the matrimonial scene of life such places where it is enjoyed in its purity are the best calculated to have such effect.