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Monday, 20 October, 1828

I have some few patients to visit today and one at considerable distance, which will occupy the day. I have now just come home and the sun has just sunk below the western hills and I more than ordinary inclination to have some conversation with Miss H. However, at the time I got to the steps and was just on the point of entering the house, when a man rode up and inquired if the Doctor was at home. I answered him in the negative and said he was not now at home but he was expected every moment and then inquired into the situation of the patient. And having satisfied myself that there was no immediate danger, I let the messenger depart with a promise I would give the information tonight or very early in the morning. But here I did not act with propriety because I might have been detected in this endeavor to conceal, and if the individual had been represented dangerous, I have felt it my duty to have went immediately and it would have been much more proper to have refused and made a reasonable excuse. I should have avoided a disagreeable reflection. However, I spent the evening more than pleasant and was well pleased with the respect shown in my favor, as I began more serious to imagine that my situation would warrant the support of more than one.