It is really a pleasant morning, not a cloud to be seen in the atmosphere, and after coolness of the morning was tempered by the rays of the sun, it was very warm. Spent the day in visiting several patients and found several convalescent. I returned home a little after dark and repaired to Mr. A. Conrad's where the evening was passed agreeable to my felings, but this one reflection produces some uneasiness, for fear I may be acting with some impropriety, by inducing a belief in a mind that a more close intimacy will at last be formed, and if a reverse should be the case it will be most unpleasant to a youthful mind, not yet accustomed to all the vicissitudes of life. Were it not for these ideas I should feel more satisfied. Yet my partiality is too evident to deceive through mistake. After sleeping a few hours I was called from a warm bed to visit a woman in labor, and had been for several days. As soon as I saw the woman, I saw she was exhausted. I, therefore, gave her an anodyne and suspended for several hours all further proceedings, and she slept sweetly. There soon arose a dissatisfaction among the old women, and a caucus was held in different places, but they said nothing to me nor I to them. But they had made it out to send for another old woman to see what very short time all was over and much rejoicing, as this was the first.