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Wednesday, 29 October, 1828

I have been called today to administer medicine to a young lady living in this town. I have been acquainted with her ever since I came here and have observed certain indications presented by her and a young gentleman here that cannot be considered altogether free from impropriety even if there should be no other consideration thought of because this girl has nothing but her character and reputation to introduce her into respectable company, and it is of the utmost consequence that she conduct herself with the most exact propriety or she will not be countenanced or respected by worthy people. And now she is in her present situation and that not free from suspicion. I hope you will ever pay attention to one thing in your conduct and that never do that which may involve your reputation. No, I leave this as a sacred injunction, never conduct in no place, not even in a supposed invulnerable and impenetrable secret place, so that the light and knowledge of your acts would cause a blush or involve your character. The above alluded to individual may have supposed that none ever saw them in their private meeting, yet when I have returned home at midnight, when every respectable person was in bed, these two I have frequently seen endeavoring to hide themselves from my sight. And this is often the case when you think you are secure and far from observation, some accidental observer will catch the fatal glimpse and you suffer the consequences of your own folly.