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Sunday, 2 November, 1828

I have from numerous observations in the course of my life observed that subjects of the most vital importance, not only to the peace and happiness of the individuals concerned, but even to the real welfare of the community are the least investigated and adopted by the impulse of the moment and my mature reflection. And this one subject mentioned yesterday is one of them. How many poor wretched beings do we see in every community not able or not willing to procure the real necessaries of life for those who just must look to them for sustenance? And not only this, how many do we behold who are able to have the conveniences and comforts required, yet spend their day in misery and discontent? How does all this happen? Indeed, it may be from different causes, but the most common cause will be found in the want of proper consideration in adopting the measure in the first instance. I cannot solicit you in too strong language to pause and seriously reflect before you adopt any course of such vast importance to your own interest and happiness. Remember, on it depends all you hold dear in this life, and remember that when once sanctioned, capable of judging during the past, I feel as though God had given me the power, yet to withstand the many temptations I have seen, and for this goodness I feel as though Him alone I should adore.