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Sunday, 14 December, 1828

I wish I could describe the sensations of this day, but it is impossible even to exhibit a faint shade of them. I may say, however, that if ever I saw a happy day, this was one. Just see the difference in that counterance, how animated, how cheerful, how heavenly are all the charms presented to my enraptured view. Indeed I admire them. I love them, sincerely and truly. I dwell on the accents from that fountain of purity in transports of felicity. Lovely angel, you seem just descended from the Elysian fields of paradise, and dream not of sorrow, as pure and spotless as the suspended snow. How fond, how confiding, and with what sensations are all my thoughts entwined. You seem born for happiness and I hope to make others so. Indeed, I all my ideas of circumstances were fled, and nothing left but to contemplate on a pleasant future. I have never before seen to delightful a day and evening.