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Tuesday, 16 December, 1828

I went today to see A.D. Gage, now resident in Surry County with one A. Pettitte, one of the family I described on p. 166, September, the 2nd. There were here during the day several individuals and among the number was a man on whose family I had attended during the summer. And he requested to know the amount of his Bill. I could not tell him, because I had not examined it and then he wished to know how much I thought it was. And I told him if I were to guess, it would be somewhere between eight and twelve dollars. He immediately said he did not send for me and that if it was that sum he should not be satisfied. Now to show the principle of the man, I will again state the whole circumstance as you may require to know it. I was in the neighborhood of this man and he sent word to his Brother by whose house I had to pass, that he and his wife were sick and that if the Doctor passed by there this morning he should tell him to come. But when I did pass, the morning had passed and it was probably two o'clock. I went and there both sick and appeared glad that I had come. I gave them medicine and attended to them until both recovered, and now he has the impudence and ill breeding to use such language. Be cautious how you act unrequested.