Wednesday, 31 December, 1828

The last morning of he year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-eight, has now made its appearance and soon will be numbered with the thousands that have passed into dark oblivion and hide there from our view. It is well enough that we now use a few moments in recalling to our minds the scenes of the past, and if we have done that which is productive of pain, and it be probable, we shall encounter similar objects during the next now soon to commence; that we seriously reflect and see where our originated and determine in future to avoid it. And if we act wisely we shall profit by experience and not permit the lessons of the times to go by unimproved. During the year I have experienced much and indeed some of that experience does not afford me any satisfaction, but instead, sorrow and grief; and if there be any permanency in my present determinations, these and similar occurrences never again disturb or molest a moment of my existence. One thing among many that has occurred is, I have left the kind and affectionate protectors of infantile and youthful days: a Beloved and respected Father and Mother. But I cannot accuse myself of wrong is this case. I could do no better. But I have erred in not being a little cautious in my confidential intercourse with those to whom I respect. There are circumstances in this department of life I would change today if it were possible. I have again erred in a most essential point, in regard to my pecuniary affairs. The connection in relation to the practice of medicine between myself and Gage troubles my mind very much. He will require so much and earn nothing that it will reduce my income quite low. Here I will advise you never go in business with another unless the prospect is such that it will be advantageous and and not when it may so happen that one may do all the labor and the other do nothing, having both equal stock. I have also gained a friend during the past year in whom I have placed implicit confidence, and this I have never before experienced. Of all, this is the most agreeable.

I have rode some today. It is now twelve o'clock and I bid the year farewell.