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Thursday, 1 January, 1829

Once more a new day and new year burst upon the sight. After having reviewed the past on the close of the expired year, it will afford some satisfaction to think of the course intended to be followed during the one just commenced. It will be well to dwell close investigation on the causes that have proved injurious in the past and endeavor to avoid them in the future. It will be observed that I have experienced much anxiety for the last seven months. In the first instance my situation in life was unfavorable, I was involved to considerable amount for the assistance received in getting my profession. I saw in my native place no probable prospect of immediate introduction into business in a thickly settled country amidst old and long established practitioners. Having gained all the information I could relating to the Southern portion of the United States, I resolved to make one effort in that direction, and once more throw myself on strangers. This produced no small degree of perplexity in procuring a scanty means even for the journey. This was at last obtained, but until hope had almost vanished. Well, I do not now repent of this determination on its execution. After having arrived at this place, almost penniless and no resources, and none on whom I should feel willing to call. Here entering into an engagement for sustenance at the rate of over then dollars per month and running the hazard of getting into employment was a situation far from pleasant. But the next and most fatal occurred in the wish for an intimate confidential friend, and the almost immediate adoption of one, which soon led to a confidence of much importance. I have nothing to allege against that individual, because no falsity has ever been practiced, but the extent to which I suffered my respect to carry me has indeed been detrimental to my peace of mind and still continues to be. Avoid such mistakes. But I feel determined to make the best of my situation and use my endeavor to avoid as far as I can, the occurrence of a similar.