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Sunday, 4 January, 1829

I visited today the patient described on the 30th inst. The Mother still continued her routine conversation, but it was not quite so disgusting to me today as before. As soon as I came in the house, she says it is not worthwhile, the truck does her no good. She is just like her father, etc.,... I went to the bed and examined the sick, and returned to the fire to warm, as it was cold. Well, Doctor, is she not much worse? She can't eat one bit, is much weaker. Does she sleep better? No, no, no! Mother, said the girl, I sleep much better. No, child, you don't know when you sleep, you don't sleep at all. Well, does she lie more still? Lord, she is in motion constantly! Oh, Mother, don't say so. I can lie still and do not suffer half as much as i did before the Doctor came. Mary, do you think I can't see when I am here day and night? So your Brother used to say, and he is dead and gone. Does she want to drink a much? Nothing but drink, drink, drink day and night. Do you give her one of these powders every two hours, in tea. I con't do it. I am afraid to give them to her. Maybe she has taken plenty? Doctor, said a little girl sitting close by, you leave them and I will give them to sister, for i had to give all you left before. Mother would not. i gave the little girl a sixpence and told her to attend on her sister as well as she could and give her one powder as directed. I now left the house; visited several patients as i returned and arrived home a little after dark. I go to bed and raise my feeble prayers to God for help to support me under every difficulty and keep me free from temptation.