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Monday, 26 May, 1828

Germanton, North Carolina

During my confinement Tyler had become somewhat acquainted in the neighborhood of Sanders and concluded to stay and seek no further. After this determination was made known and my health yet too feeble to start a long journey, we concluded we would take one more ride together before we parted. Accordingly, we started this morning for Germanton in Stokes County, a distance of twenty miles. i felt so much debilitated after getting in the warm sun that I could scarcely sit up. We arrived in Germanton before sundown and put up for the night at John bitting's. The landlord was absent. His son, a small little fellow, was very active and answered many of our questions in a very intelligent manner. The Lady had every appearance of a most amiable woman, but her earthly cares, I think, will be short as she has every appearance of being afflicted with that fell disease, consumption, the sure destroyer of human life. Our fare was good and common and treatment the same. i imagined as we sat down at the table the lady thought we were preachers, as I had a very long hypocritical face produced from the few days sickness I had undergone, as she waited for some time after we were seated before she gave us our tea.