Monday, 2 June, 1828

Though the day is most pleasant and agreeable, my reflections are not of the brightest bue. Many clouds are gathering in the horizon of thought. Thick storms begin to rise in the mind; the way appears exceedingly difficult to travel, muddy and uneven. Lofty mountains raise their lofty summits to the clouds and seem to forbid an ascension; deep and almost imprenetrable forests border the way and must be passed, dangerous precipices to avoid, deep and boisterous floods to ford, rough and tempestuous seas to cross, adverse winds to encounter, rocks and quicksands to shun, incitements and allurements to withstand, violent passions to control, prejudice to encounter, reputation to establish, men to please, women to delight, enemies to love, friends to gain, and all the numerous incidents of a professional life I have now anew to encounter. These all occupied my attention during the day and night again came to my relief and in the arms of sleep I found repose.