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Saturday, 24 January, 1829

Why some men are miserably poor and have no particular vice that devours all they earn while they labor night and day. This may be owing to several causes. A man may toil for years and receive a good compensation for his labor, and unless he be very judicious in his expenditures he will have nothing. Let him spend a sixpence at some and every collection he may be at, and it seems but a small sum, but this is not all he has lost or wasted. There is the time spent, probably work more than four times the money, and now let him pay a dollar for that which can do him no good, and do this every few days, and the time lost in getting them and in the course of a year, he is in debt. Everyone should keep a Book in which every article purchased should be set down and the time spent in getting them and this Book should be frequently examined and act in these matters accordingly.