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Tuesday, 3 June, 1828

Ere the sun burst the bonds of darkness I awoke. Parents and friends crowded the mind. Kind and affectionate Father and Mother, your anxious minds I cannot now alleviate; yet I hope the moment may arrive in which I may give a full and complete compensation for all the anxiety I may have caused you to suffer. Though now far from the paternal roof, its inmates are not forgotten or disregarded. My prayers, both night and morning, are directed to the dispenser of all good, and the preserver of life for your peace and happiness. No time or distance can obliterate those strong ties of love which must ever bind me to my parents. The kindness I have received at your hands will never be forgotten. You who have preserved and nourished me in infancy, conducted my childhood with the most tender solicitude, and in mature years imparted to me the best of advice, all having their origin in the purest motives, can never, no, never be disregarded. I am now among strangers, and probably many would delight to lead me into a vortex of ruin, you your precepts, implanted in tender years will stand against such temptation. Should pain and sickness assail me, there are none who would feel that solicitude or have that sympathy for my suffering that a Father or Mother would. But with parents the tenderest of ties must be severed. Brothers and sisters, I have bid you all farewell.