Monday, 9 March, 1829

Again have been called to attend to the young woman mentioned some few months ago and whose course of conduct was not commendable in relation to a certain young man of this place, and at this time there is staling about some unfavorable rumor in regard to her reputation. It is inded lamentable that a young girl, whose character is all the property she has, should be so inconsiderate in her deportment. I am pleased that I can say that the day afforded me more satisfaction than has fallen to my participation in long series of days. And all from a belief that my friend is again restored to contentment and wears a contented countenance. It does give me pleasure to see her happy and I hope it always will be so. I wrote considerable to be found in the proper place. I hope you will never experience as many hopes and fears as i have been doomed from the want of proper discretion to endure. All my sick visited today are mending. This also is pleasing.