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Thursday, 19 March, 1829

I awoke this morning and on looking through the window was astonished at seeing it snow, as I had anticipated no such occurrence in this climate at this season of the year. In New York it would have been expected, but here, a milder season was looked for. My feelings are too acute on every subject connected with myself. I am alive to everything that afflicts my friend, eitehr in mind or in body, just as much if not a little more than if it was myself. After discharging my country patients and returned to town, I visited my accustomed place, but found not my friend and did not inquire. I stayed but a moment and returned to my room and seated myself for contemplation when Julia, a little girl and half sister to H., came and requested my attendance, as sister was unable to be up. I found her bathed in tears and for what cause I did not learn. You may imagine I stayed for some hours and succeeded in relieving the severity of pain.