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Sunday, 22 March, 1829

Morning clear and cold, rode some distance soon this morning and returned before twelve o'clock. I was invited by my esteemed friend, the Rev. I.C. Jacobson, to partake in a love feast celebrated today in which all belonging to the society partake, and those who do not, when invited by the minister. I believe this feast is intended to create the idea that we are of one family and are fed by the same parent, and that we should live in peace and harmonny as brothers and sisters, and that all these unkind feelings and backbiting should cease, and that the most kind feelings should be cherished, and instead of magnifying each other's faults, we should endeavor, by mild and judicious means, to correct them. Mr. Jacobson is one of your best kind of men, always the same slow to censure severely and prompt to forgive, and the longer you are acquainted with him, the more you love him.