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Monday, 23 March, 1829

I have again to lament my connection with Gage. Have paid on his account two Dollars for advertisements for horse. Now Gage took the idea that a horse owned by Capt. H. Sanders of Guilford or supposed to belong to him at the time he started for him, whould do good business in this or some of the adjoining counties, and as his business in his profession was but very little, he concluded to purchase the horse and after the season, take him to the South and sell him, and make a profit by the trade. He consulted me respecting it. I told him if he could get the horse cheap, it was probably it would answer. Well filled with the notion, he went to purchase, but when he came there, Tyler owned the horse and sold him on a credit of some months and said he would give me as security. He gave three hundred dollars for the horse, worth about one hundred. He came with him here and said he gave so much and the judges here pronounced him enormously cheated.