Saturday, 28 March, 1829

If it were not for the consideration of Gage's whole dependence being placed on me and I was free from any obligation to him, more than that which arises from friendship, I should now feel much more satisfied and my connection with H. much more agreeable. I cannot say that I am sorry of this respect existing between us, because I do really esteem her and would do any proper thing in order to make her happy. I only believe that had I waited until I was more prepared for such a step, it would have relieved much of my anxiety of mind, because all I fear now is that I may not be able to have things as comfortable as I should wish. I will hope for the best. The day has been warm and pleasant and after having finished my day engagements, I once more had the inestimable pleasure of conversing with H. and as the evening was warm, we participated in a pleasant walk. I was delightful "when souls are linked in union, sweet and friendly hands are pressed."