Saturday, 11 April, 1829

Weather more pleasant and roads improving. Have had much riding to do today and feel quite satisfied with the solvent portion of patients today. I came home at eleven o'clock and rode very slow as my horse was very tired, and as I was passing rather before, I came opposite a porch before a certain once yellow house, the apartments of which I was well acquainted with, and a pleasant sitting place in a warm evening was in the porch, and here I saw a young, or at least a single, man and a married lady. No! but a married female in a position that the light of day would have pronounced shameful, horrid, detestable, and even diabolical. I passed by or nearly so with my eyes fixed in a steady gaze. They, however, discovered me and used their endeavors to conceal themselves from my view. Now both these individuals are considered among the most respectable people of the place and move in the first ranks of society. The description of the man and woman have been described in the preceding pages of May or June, 1828, or at least one of them have. Indeed, I was somewhat astonished at the man being in such a place and on such as errand; but to see the female there, her husband and children in bed, ought to create astonishment, but to me it was as I had from my first acquaintance with her expected. i was sure from her manner and conversation that she was not a virtuous woman. Here then were two individuals in the very depths of vice, and considered here to be the patterns of virtue.