Thursday, 16 April, 1829

I have witnessed scenes today that have never before fell under my observation and I could wish never again would. I stayed with Gage last night. We set up very late conversing on various subjects connected with our situation and prospect. After he went to bed, I still sat up and wrote considerable, as my mind was not easy and the piece will be found in the proper place. Indeed I did not go to bed, but just lay down before day. Soon in the morning a messenger came for Gage in great haste and he obeyed the summons immediately, and I started for home, stopping at several places on the road. I had not been at home but a few minutes before I was requested to visit the same place, distance about ten miles. i found the woman in perpetual convulsions and quite insensible even during the intervals of the convulsions. Gage had done nothing to her except gave her, when he first saw her, a dose of some cathartic. I now bled copiously, several times, but all would not do, though it increased the intermission and moderated the severity of the convulsions. Finding that nature did not act efficiently, recourse was had to instruments, which succeeded, but no alleviation was perceptible, and in a few hours the woman was dead. Here was men, both old and young; women of the same and different ages in profusion, some sober and drunk, betting, cursing, and swearing and all immoral conversation going by both male and female. Such a set of human beings at a place where a mortal just was leaving and had left the stage of time was indeed shocking to every benevolent feeling. Never be guilty of base conduct, but frown indignantly on it and them that act both by precept and example.