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Friday, 20 June, 1828

The morning is more than delightful as there is agreeable warm, cloudy moisture in the atmosphere and the before dry and dusty roads have gently sprinkled during the night by rain. i stationed in my room during the day and often was disturbed by the man in whose house I have a room, Mr. Simson Stults. And his wife never passes before the window in the passage without peeping in a significant look which she understands and has practiced before today. it may be, however, that I do not understand these Dutch inuendoes, and for fear i have not ventured a Yankee reply in the same unverbal language. Here, in such instances, I would advise you never to imitate or be induced to participate in or return anything of the same nature, in the same or any other way, but treat all such with indignant contempt and mingle not in the society or company of such individuals who have no regard for virtue. They are dangerous companions and will lead you into difficulties and you will become a slave to their pleasure, because when once you have yielded you become less capable of withstanding a second inducement; and a fear of offense, and a consequent exposure will force you to give up your liberty and be subservient to the caprice of those whom you must hate. Individuals who do not respect themselves cannot be expected to have any regard for you, no longer than you are ready at their call. Stults himself I set down to be an ignorant, gainsaying, quarrelsome, boasting, meddling, unbeloved individual. He is a deceived man, but does not know it. The pigs are in his garden when he is sound asleep and dreams not of such an occurrence. i say, poor blind man, with your organs of sight in perfection, if you cannot observe what is passing before you. Such is my idea, from a few observations.