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Saturday, 21 June, 1828

Have become acquainted with several individuals today and extend my business a little further. Hope still glimmers in the distant prospect and cheers the drooping mind. And I think it probable I may make sufficient to defray my expenses and even this has its advantage, and will keep me here and prevent extravagance; but in this I have never indulged. i visited Samuel R. Shore in Surry County. He is indeed dangerous of a Southern fever. This is the first time I ever saw this individual and in consequence of disease his counterance is not natural, but there is something of a benevolent mind portrayed. I forded the Yadkin River in the night and returned home well satisfied with my day's labor, as it rather exceeded my expenses. The night was dark and gave a fine opportunity for contemplation.. I participated in the offered pleasure, Scenes of Home, and the goodness and greatness of the Creator were the scenes on which I dwell. Everything around, even the darkness, declares there is and must be a God, or a great first cause of all things.