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Sunday, 22 June, 1828

Nothing can be more agreeable to a man in low circumstances than to see and be sensible, he is by slow degrees improving. And indeed nothing should delight him more, and this should be his study and aim. With what pleasure does the honest man discharge his just debts, and what a salutary stimulus is it to him to find he can, by honest means, obtain the necessary funds. It elevates him; he applies himself more diligently to his occupation. I was called this morning to visit a lady about seven miles from this place, afflicted with mental derangement. She was confined to the bed. I took my seat beside her and began to make the necessary inquiries of her daughters respecting the matter During this time the patient fixed her eyes steadily on me and never moved them, and said in low tone of voice, He is handsome, he is handsome. This she repeated many times and then said words not to be related and insisted on their fulfillment. I was never placed in so awkward a situation.