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Friday, 10 July, 1829

This is the common misfortune of all; and all experience it in a greater or less degree. Happy indeed would be that individual who is exempt and worthy the name of a man is he whose philosophical mind is so far above the ordinary capacity of his fellows, that he feels with indifference the unpleasant effect these sudden changes produce on minds less disciplined. But destitute of all sensibility must that man be who can view with cold indifference the mental agony of a friend, without feeling some unpleasant emotion rising in his own mind. Nothing now gives more pleasure than to see my companion happy. And if it should be our fortune always hereafter to feel as well satisfied as we did this morning, our days will glide away in peace. I was called from bed to visit the house of pain. As I proceeded on my thoughts were endeavoring to make comparison between my sitation now and before I was married. I had many difficulties before that and have many now, and from that short period of my present situation, I can give this as my opinion: that when a man's pecuniary circumstances will warrant his in marrying and the disposition of both are similar, that connubial affection is by far the most agreeable. But if the reverse be the case, it is tenfold more miserable. A kind companion is one of the most pleasant and desirable possessions a man can have.