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Tuesday, 24 June, 1828

Nothing seems to produce as pleasant a feeling as to be called professionally. I am found of action and employment even if some who employ me are not able to make any remuneration. you must not always imagine that what you do for naught has no advantage, for in my business, a case may occur for which you can never expect a compensation by those who receive from you; yet you get their good will and wishes and everyone has some little influence. And a successful case in deplorable diseases are beneficial to your reputation and a good reputation in your profession, be that what it may, is of vast importance. Raise your reputation on merit alone and success in business will follow. Diligent attention is of the first importance and one of the paths to success. My duty called me this morning to visit the daughter of a  woman who has several children and no husband, and from information, has waded deep in vice. Even to be with the Slave of some opulent or a free Black. This is in a high degree revolting, but at present she lives quite respectable and is very industrious, endeavoring to learn her children to follow a more respectable life. But the foul stain can never be forgotten. It's indelibly sealed and cannot be erased. One false step may forever blast a bright prospect and sully a fair name. It should be our study to avoid this.