Friday, 24 July, 1829

My companion is better this morning. I was called up at three o'clock by Mr. Lash, who came to my bed and requested my opinion of his wife's case. I told him it was unfavorable. I went with him, and as soon as I saw her, my hopes vanished. Death must soon close her eyes on all sublunary things. At the moment of desolution she appeared perfectly calm and resigned. She was one of the most mild and amiable women I have ever been acquainted with, possessing almost every endearing quality of disposition calculated to produce peace and happiness to all around her. In her manners unostentatious, mild and insinuating, scrupulously avoiding affectation, a disposition as mild as the gentle zephyr of a summer's eve. A native purity of mind loved and esteemed by all, and intimate friend of my wife.