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Friday, 31 July, 1829

Such ideas and reflections, presenting themselves to a tender mother, are calculated to create unpleasant feelings and awaken the sensibilities of the mind. She dwells intensely on every difficulty and danger her daughter may be exposed to. She may be far removed from her where she can never see her again, nor hear complaint if there should be cause for any, etc., etc., Being then sensible of the kind feelings of the mother for the peace and happiness of her oly daughter, my care and attention to everything for her benefit should be equal at least to hers, whom she will in a few days leave. I hope that will never arise the least cause of sorrow on either side and that the mother will never repoent of a consent, reluctantly given. It remains that merely mention this among one of the most perplexing kind. i am involved in business. many dangerously ill. All these caused an apparent expression of a dissatisfied mind and I was pleasantly accused of speaking short.